What Does The Order People View My Instagram Story Actually Mean?

There's been a time. you meet someone new, switch Instagrams and all of a sudden, you're noticing every little activity they make online. The pictures they love, the people that they follow, and the most annoyingly the places they show up on the list of people who have seen your Instagram Story.

It sounds ridiculous however, given the addictive nature of Facebook and Twitter, it's not that surprising that a lot of us have taken to recording these seemingly small modifications in someone's social media habits. If you're a basic as me, then you may have posted things with the intent of having a particular person view it (who would not want to fall for a trap??) If that's the situation, you're probably checking who read your post.

But what does the order people appear in on your story's views actually translate to? If you notice a person who is a foe suddenly appearing at the top of the list all the time, does that mean they're constantly stalking your profile? If someone you're in love with drops to the bottom, has they stopped interacting with your profile in the same way? And most importantly, If your crush is your top viewed user... ARE THEY in love with you or WHAT?

But seriously it's true that we don't worry about it - but, honestly, we do. We all post the social networks with content with the intention to make some kind of social impact or maybe you'd keep your selfies to yourself . it's not exactly surprising some of us care about the effect that our content actually affected the people who are the ones who interact with our content the most.

What does Instagram make sure that the readers of your story?

In other words what is the truth? Are Instagram Story viewers placed in order according to the amount they love you I'm sorry, but please God or not? In fact, the product lead on Instagram Home Julian Gutman revealed this very information to The Verge last year.

'The people that show up on that list are not the people that stalk you the most. It's really based on the activities you engage in as well as the people you're the closest to in your life,' Gutman said. There are lots of confounding factors, do you visit their website, like their feed post, respond to their feed post or view their story? Do you look through the list several times? If you do the algorithm tries to show you a brand new group of people, trying to give you new information every time you check the list.'

So, in the same manner that images come up in your feeds first based on who you interact with the most - in contrast to chronologically like they did back in the early days of Instagram Story Viewers are going to appear like that too.

We should've realized that we're stalked rather than being stalked however that shouldn't stop us being sad. Perhaps we could all live in blissful ignorance instead and pretend that it means everyone loves us... 2020 is a tough year as it is.