How can I download my Instagram Story?

  • Instagram Stories can be downloaded through a variety of methods. It is possible to save your images and videos on your computer to use later.
  • Instagram's mobile app offers many features that allow you to save your Instagram stories.
  • Third-party websites and screen recordings allow you to download stories from other people.
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The popularity of Instagram gives you the opportunity to peek into many people's lives and see their distinct activities. One Instagram feature that's enjoyable and easy to manage is called Stories.

Instagram Stories are images or videos that you post to your account. They are available for all day. Since there's a time limitation on the length of time stories are visible to all users, you can choose from a range of choices to save your own Instagram Story to your app or phone. You can download and save another person's story with a variety of methods.

How do I download my Instagram Story

Two options are available to keeping your stories.

  1. Log into Instagram.
  2. To view the posts you've included in your story, tap Your Story in the upper-left corner.
  3. Select the story you'd like to save and tap the three dots at the bottom of the screen. Tap Save... (iPhone) or Save Photo/Video (Android).

Click Save... on your iPhone to save an individual slide or the entire presentation.Ennica Jacob

  1. To save a specific story, tap the Save Photo/Video option in an iPhone. To save your entire collection of stories as a single vertical video, click Save Story. Android users have to save each story individually.

Another alternative is to save your Instagram Story automatically to an archive in the app or on your smartphone's memory.

  1. On Instagram Go to your profile and tap the three-line Menu icon in the top-right corner.

Select the Menu option, then choose Settings.Ennica Jacob

  1. Tap Settings Then Privacy.
  2. Tap Story. Tap Story.

You can enable the Save Story feature on your Camera Roll to save automatically on your device.Ennica Jacob

  1. To save videos and photos for your archives, you can switch on Save Story to Archive.

How to download someone else's Instagram Story

The easiest way to save the Instagram Story from someone else is to either capture it or capture it using your smartphone. Both of these methods will inform the user of the incident. Learn screen recording on iPhone or Android or to screenshot using iPhone or Android devices such as Google Pixel. Use these methods to take videos or photos from any story on Instagram while you are viewing it.

You can also consider using a third-party website like Toolzu, which can allow users to save their Instagram Story or someone else's in the event that your account isn't a private account.

  1. Toolzu's Instagram Story Downloader is available on a desktop browser.
  2. Enter the username of your account to which you want to download the story. Input the @ symbol (e.g. @user_name).

The username of an account is entered using the @ symbol.Insider

  1. Select the individual story you need and click Download.

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