Social Media Overview

What exactly is Social Media?

Social media is the ways of interaction among individuals who create or share ideas and information in virtual communities and networks. The Office of Communications and Marketing manages the main Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts.

We offer an array of tools. One-on-one consultations with departments, schools and offices that want to establish or maintain a social media presence. We will discuss goals for social media and strategies, as as offer insights and ideas. Before creating any Social Media Account, submit the Account Request Form. Make sure to consult your school's communications office for any school specific regulations or branding guidelines.


Key Principles for the Social Media Directors:

Social media is all about conversations, communities and connecting with your audience and building connections. It's not just a broadcast channel or marketing or sales tools.

Honesty, authenticity and open dialogue are crucial.

Social media allows you to hear what other people comment on you, it also lets you respond. Listen first, speak second.

Be interesting, useful relevant, and entertaining. Be open to trying new things, but think through your ideas before you kick them off.

Popular Social Media Tools and Platforms:

Blogs: A place for conversation and casual exchange about a particular topic or opinion.

Facebook: The largest social network, boasting the number of 1.55 billion active users per month (as at the end of Q3 of 2015). Users can create a profile, connect with to their friends list and send messages to each other, as well as status messages. Brands create pages and Facebook users are able to "like" the pages of brands.

Twitter: A social networking/micro-blogging platform that allows groups and individuals to stay connected through the exchange of short status messages (140 character limit).

YouTube/Vimeo video hosting and viewing websites.

Flickr: A photo and video hosting website as well as an online community. Images can be posted on Facebook as well as Twitter along with other social networking sites.

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing app that allows users to apply filters, frames, and special effects to their images and post them to a variety of social networking sites.

LinkedIn is a platform where groups of professionals with similar areas of interest can connect and engage in discussions.

Learn how to make the most use of these tools by utilizing our best practices for our platform.


University Social Media Policies:

Social networks and other internet-based media are excellent tools to engage and for two-way communication However, because of the nature of this real-time two-way communication, there's a possibility of serious risk associated with inappropriate use.

Social media:

Social Media Policy for Official Social Media Accounts

Responsible Use

Conflict of Interest

Copyright, Fair Use and Open Access

Name Use/Insignias

Visual Identity Visual Identity


General Social Media Best Practices:

While social media tools are readily available yet the rules of road aren't always easy to follow. This is a brand new landscape of communication, with tremendous opportunities but also a lot of things to be taught.

We developed these guidelines to provide all employees on campus, from communications specialists to departmental administrators with basic guidelines on how best to use social media toward communications goals for both the account owner of an account and also as a user/contributor. These suggestions and best practices offered here will help you utilize the channels efficiently, safeguard your professional and personal reputation, and follow university guidelines. We also hope these guidelines spark conversations among people who use social media on campus to exchange ideas when we look into these new platforms.

Please review the university best practices and feel free to reach out to Communications and Marketing with any questions.


Registration or Requesting on behalf of Tufts University. Tufts Social Media Account:

If you're looking to create an account, you should meet in person with an Social Media Strategist in the Office of Communications and Marketing to discuss the policies on social media at the university, aswell strategies, goals, messaging and best methods. Please fill out a request form and we will contact you to arrange an appointment.

If you have an account that was established prior to September 2013, please be sure to sign up your account at the Office of Communications and Marketing.

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