The 7 Top Social Media Sites You Need to Care About in 2022

Should you go all in on Instagram? Consider putting half of your social media budget in Facebook and then divide the rest equally between YouTube or LinkedIn? What about Tiktok? These are some of the issues that plague small businesses as well as marketing teams as well.

To help you determine which social media platform is the best for your company this year, we've put together our top picks of social media sites to consider in 2022.

  1. Instagram

Instagram has long been the place to be for influencers bloggers, brands, small-scale business owners, friends and all the rest, Instagram has topped well more than one billion users per month. If you're wondering whether a meaningful segment of your audience utilizes Instagram The answer is certainly a complete yes.

Who's on Instagram (and why?): Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms for teens in the teen years, especially in the U.S. Its use on the app decreases as we age, but is consistent with both women and men So if your clients are younger than 40, Instagram cannot be overlooked.

The kind of content that performs best on Instagram Beautiful photography, stunning visuals, unique designs, selfie-style videos that directly speak to your followers and a consistent theme for your content will help you make an impression on Instagram.

You Should Prioritize Instagram If your target users are under the age of 40. If you operate a lifestyle, ecommerce or photography business.

  1. YouTube

YouTube is regarded as the second most used search engine in the world today, right behind its parent company, Google. If your business could benefit from creating videos that walkthrough or demonstrate and instructional videos with a visual focus such as product reviews or interviews Then this online platform for social networking is the best to reach more than 2 billion monthly users.

Who's using YouTube (and What's the reason?): A whopping 73% of U.S. adults report regularly using YouTube with a significant concentration in the age range of 15-34 years old. YouTube is widely embraced by both women and men and the usage of YouTube tends to go upwards with the increase in income and degree of education.

The type of content that is most effective on YouTube is video only. Depending on the nature of your business and who your target audience are, either long-form and short-form video content will work extremely well on YouTube. The majority of viewers watch YouTube to watch educational and entertainment and so, whether you're educating your viewers about new strategies for marketing or streaming video gameplay make sure you keep the viewers' attention throughout your videos. You might also consider tapping into the latest YouTube trends like unboxing videos (especially for those who sell the physical product) along with "with me" content that lets viewers join you for the ride. In addition, if the idea of starting your own YouTube channel seems like a daunting task and daunting, working together with YouTube influential people who're excited about your mission could help you explore the waters before you dive in.

You should prioritize YouTube if: Your audience is below the age of 50, and they consume videos for the purpose of either education or entertainment.

  1. Facebook

With close to 2.5 billion users per month, Facebook can be considered to be by far the biggest social media website in the world. While that practically ensures at least a small portion people regularly utilize the platform, it's gotten quite a negative image among younger users that are increasingly shifting to other sites.

If your company can gain from sharing news from the industry as well as engaging (short-form) video, graphics as well as other attractive content -- particularly when your target audience is older than 30 years old, then consider having an account on Facebook. It is also worth considering using Facebook groups to connect your customers or community in one place online. Facebook groups, unlike Facebook commercial pages aren't for advertising, but they can help to create a sense of conversation.

Who's using Facebook (and why?) The majority of U.S. adults report using Facebook and 51% of them claiming to be active several times every day. There's a pretty even spread between males and females however, users tend to become increasingly active as age increases (especially beyond the 40+ years old age bracket).

The Content that Works Best on Facebook The more intriguing captivating, engaging, even polarizing your content is most likely is to be a hit on Facebook. Lean heavily on short videos, eye-catching images and attention-grabbing headlines to draw attention of your audience. For Facebook groups, interactive content and conversation-starters are the way to go. You can think about live streams or polls.

You Should Prioritize Facebook if: You want to reach an audience made up of adults, and you have captivating visual (or videos) content that will capture their attention, invoke emotion immediately, and get them excited to share with their friends. Also, if you're looking for an easy method to build an online community for a specific topic or business.


  1. Twitter

Although Twitter's monthly active users numbers have fluctuated between 300 million and 300 million for a period of time, 40% of those users are active frequently throughout the day, which suggests that if your customers use the platform, they're likely to be extremely engaged. The popularity of the site continues to be high among technology-savvy users. They are particularly active in B2B verticals related to marketing, business, and politics today.

What's happening on Twitter (and Why) 63% of Twitter users are between 35 and 65 The majority of male users make up about two-thirds of the users.

The type of content that is most effective for Twitter: Twitter has become a very popular medium to communicate breaking news or digest information in bite-sized bites and engage with your followers in real-time. Images and videos tend to make the best impression, but an appropriately timed tweet works wonders if you're hopping to the top of the list and are particularly witty.

You should prioritize Twitter if your followers are skews towards the male population of mature age between 30 to 60. You can experiment with a mix of various types of content from informative videos to engaging images and discussions that offer advice and opinions.

  1. TikTok

The newest kid on the block is barely two years old, but had more than 1 billion downloads of their video-based application during the initial year of being in operation. Now, TikTok reportedly sees over 800 million monthly users, which puts it into the top social media platforms around the world in terms its sheer numbers of users.

Which users are using TikTok (and why?) The majority of TikTok's users are below 35 years old and in the U.S., with the majority of the audience being in the age range between 16 and 24.

The Content that Works Best on TikTok Engaging, informative funny and occasionally nonsensical short-form videos, typically performed to the tune of popular songs. Think of fun, enthralling music video-style content.

It is recommended to use TikTok if: You want to reach (and entertain) an audience of young people through fun, video-based content that isn't always an immediate connection to your services or products. Becoming too self-promotional on this platform isn't going to earn an audience that will be loyal, so be prepared to be entertaining first.



  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is now a popular social bookmarking platform for gathering ideas and getting creative ideas for everything from cooking, DIY home projects, vacation concepts, ideas for interior designing business and everything in between. With a majority of its users made up of adult women This social media site is often mentioned as an essential part of the process of discovering products.

The people who are on Pinterest (and Why) With more than 350 million monthly users Pinterest boasts one of the largest concentrations of females among all social media sites. Nearly 80% of their users are female, and there is a significant millennials being the most popular.

The type of content that performs best on Pinterest Vertically formatted images work best on this platform due largely to the browsing experience users get. Clear, polished images with clear copy that communicates your message to users of Pinner will see if they click through is the most effective. Lists, numbers and quotes should form a big part of your approach here. And don't forget to consider the use of keywords and search phrases in your imagery.

You should prioritize Pinterest if: Your audience consists predominantly females of a certain age, and your company's focus is the fashion industry, style, decor, or DIY.


  1. Snapchat

Despite seeming to lose some ground to competitor social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Snapchat still remains one of the most heavily used apps with the under 25 years of age demographic--boasting over 300 million monthly users in recent months. The majority of Snapchat users frequent the app to share news and updates, as well as communicate with family members and friends through disappearing images and short video messages.

Who's on Snapchat (and Why?) Young adults aged between 18-24 comprise 78% of users active who participate in the app's 14 billion daily views of videos. Users tend to lean slightly towards females with the majority of users using Snapchat on a daily basis.

The content that works best on Snapchat: Video-driven storytelling. If you are skilled to create engaging (usually the selfie style) video clips that can engage and educate a younger audience in the process, Snapchat is a no brainer platform to establish relationships with your clients.

You should consider Snapchat If you are looking to appeal to a young audience and have an affinity for making small, engaging video content. As with TikTok though, don't expect to flip on your camera and chat about your product all day long since most Snapchat users are there for entertainment.


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