Best Social Media Management Software

The majority of small companies use social media for marketing, and it's easy to understand why. Social media platforms such as Meta, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are home to millions of users. Being able to have a consistent social media presence can allow small companies to speak to customers where they're at.

But with the number of popular platforms on the market managing multiple social profiles is a major headache. In the end, business owners would have to find the time and energy to log into various social media accounts, write a post for each and schedule them as needed throughout the day. This is simply not feasible for many small companies that have a small number of employees. In this regard, many small businesses turn to Social Media Management Platforms, which let them build a comprehensive media strategy to manage in one place.

Investopedia compared all the leading social media management platforms available currently to determine which provide the best features and tools for businesses seeking to broaden your reach on all major social media Inflact networks. If you're looking for a platform you can use to get ahead read on to find out more.


The 8 Top Social Media Management Software of 2022


We chose Sprout Social as our best overall choice because of its accessibility, publishing capabilities, and analytics across all popular social networks. The company also has one of the longest-running free trials in the business.


Excellent user dashboard lets you manage all your social networks from one location

Utilize Social Media Optimization tools

Analytics and reports can help you control your user's engagement as well as ROI (ROI)

Scheduling tools make the creation of posts a breeze

Free trial of 30 days


Standard plan is expensive and costly

Limits to how many social profiles you are able to manage.

We picked Sprout Social as the best choice for companies based on the variety of scheduling tools and analytics they offer and their mobile application for iOS and Android as well as their paid promotion tools that enable you to boost your Meta posts. One of the main benefits you'll get when you use Sprout Social is a 30-day trial for free with every plan they offer. If you're unsure of the benefits of this software the trial offer gives the user a month to test it.

The software is currently compatible with all of the top social media platforms, such as Meta, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, making it an excellent option for all-in-one administration. The three plans that are paid available to pick from:

Standard: $89 per month

Professional: $149 per month

Advanced: $249 per month.

Sprout Social says their Professional plan is the most sought-after because it lets you handle up to 10 accounts on social media from one spot. It also includes an all-in-one social box with a social content calendar, responses rate analysis and reports on time and analysis techniques that analyze Twitter hashtags, and many additional useful tools. With any plan you will also receive an app on your mobile that lets you control your accounts on social networks on the on the go.

The Standard plan has some of the features of Professional plan. Professional plan, however, you're limited to managing as many as five social profiles If you opt for this plan.



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Hootsuite is a top-rated program for its tracking tools and analytics. This software lets you analyze the trends and interactions in real-time. The analytics tools are available for both regular posting and social media ads.


Professional plans start at just $49 per month.

Free plan available

Connects with more than 20 social networks

A 30-day trial is available


Some analytics reports are at an extra cost.

Plans can be costly when you have lots of social media accounts or spend a considerable sum on ads each month

Free plans are limited in terms of tools.

Hootsuite earned our top spot as most effective for analytics since they offer some of the most comprehensive analytics and social media monitoring tools on the market today, such as customized reports as well as team productivity reporting.

While spending more money for comprehensive analytics and reporting could increase the cost of Hootsuite to go up having access to this data is crucial for businesses that rely on social media platforms for most of their marketing initiatives.

Hootsuite has four paid choices:

Professional: $49 per month

Team: $129 per month

Business: $739 per month

Enterprise: Vary (it's for larger or more complex establishments)

The starter Professional plan can be a good option for small businesses because it allows you to manage 10 social accounts in one place. You also have unlimited scheduling but you're only able to limit it to one user. The Team plan is available for up to three users, and allows you to manage up to 20 social profiles at one location.

Note that all plans from Hootsuite come with an unlimited number of scheduled emails, unlimited scheduling, publishing calendars along with a social-inbox and a host of other features. You can also try two of the four plans offered by Hootsuite for free for a period of 30 days, which is a huge benefit if you'd like to test before buying.

The most comprehensive toolbox available.

Zoho Social


Zoho stands out as an all-in-one application that users can use to manage all every aspect of social media for their business in the same place while managing email, accounting, projects, and webinars.


Zoho is a CRM software that allows you to control your emails, projects accounting, and more under one umbrella

You can integrate their social media management platform that works with all major social media networks

Individuals who want to plan their social media starts at $10 per month

A free edition that has only a few features is available, with the option of upgrading


Agency plans start at $230 per month, which is very expensive.

Plans for businesses and individuals only include up or three members of a team, additional users requiring an additional monthly investment

Zoho made our ranking as the most comprehensive tool due to the CRM tool they provide in along with social Media Management software. You can use Zoho to manage and store your emails, make and oversee products, and manage your accounting all in one spot. Zoho provides a full social media management software you can purchase as a separate purchase or integrate to provide complete management.

Concerning their software for managing social media, Zoho offers three plans for companies:

Standard: $10 per month

Professional: $30 per month

Premium: $40 per month

Each plan lets you publish and schedule posts across several platforms, get an overview of reports and analytics and have access to an integration with Bitly and a URL shortener. The Standard and Professional plans are limited to a single branding and one member of the team, however both plans let you include additional team members or social channels for an extra expense.

A free plan that has limited functionalities is also offered. For the price of the free plan you will have access to one team member as well as a brand and the ability to publish multiple posts in one place. Zoho also offers software for social media to agencies that have at least 10 different brands under their business umbrella.



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MeetEdgar stands out due to the automation and scheduling features. They even offer continuous posting, meaning that they will automatically create and reshare relevant posts on your social media accounts.


Great scheduling and automation tools allow you to schedule your social media profile and forget it

Free trial for 7 days

Analytics for engagement and response

Edgar Lite plan starts at just $19 per month


Only works With Meta, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram

The most affordable plan allows you connect to three networks

No central mailbox for messages or for managing comments

MeetEdgar wins for best automation, as they've been designed to assist time-poor companies automatize their accounts. This program lets you create posts by using an extension for your browser that allows you to create a category-based calendar which saves time and effort, and executes constant posting, which ensures that you're always engaging with your audience.

With MeetEdgar, you also get access to an indefinite library of content which the platform can shuffle and schedule for you to schedule your content on behalf of you. You can also set up your account to automatically upload new content, and also utilize an automated link shortener to help you save space when you share your content on social media.

MeetEdgar offers two main plans:

Edgar Lite: $29.99 per month

Edgar: $49.99 per month

Both plans have similar features, although you can use the Edgar Lite plan only lets you integrate with three social media accounts. The more expensive plan provides 1,000 recurring scheduling slots each week, while the lower plan offers just 10 with an Edgar Lite program. In either case, you can test MeetEdgar for no cost for seven days.

The best for LARGE TEAM CollaborationLoom


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Loomly is our top pick for large-scale collaboration due to its wide-ranging plans that can accommodate teams of up to 26 members. All plans come with key features such as audience targeting, preview of posts, the ability to automate publishing and analytics, and more.


Try it out absolutely free for 15-days

The base plan starts at $26 per month.

Control and manage all your social assets in one place

Real-time optimization of posts


Teams with large numbers may be costly

Companies that have a significant advertising budget might need to upgrade to a higher cost plan, regardless of the team size

Loomly is a fantastic choice for teams of a large size who want to work together on a social media strategy. While their basic plan can only be used by two users, their top-tier plan for business users can have up to 30.

The core plans of Loomly include:

Base: $26 per month (2 users)

Standard: $59 per month (6 users)

Advanced: $129 per month (14 users)

Premium: $269 per month (30 users)

Enterprise: Price available upon inquiry

This offer is only available only if you purchase one year of management upfront. the price will be higher if want to pay for the plan on a monthly basis. As you compare options, you'll see that every different level of management software has an ad-spend limit which means you'll have to choose the Premium plan if your business spends more than $5,000 on advertisements using Meta.

All plans offered by Loomly permit you to post unlimited content. They also offer the essential features of audience targeting automated publishing, post sponsoring interaction tracking, and basic analytics. They also offer email and chat customer service for each plan. A 15-day free trial is available regardless of which tier of coverage you want to try out.



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We chose Sendible as the most effective integration based on the sheer number of platforms you are able to use it with. As a client of Sendible, you can connect to Meta, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business (GMB), YouTube, WordPress, Canva, Google Analytics, Google Drive, and so much more. In all, Sendible allows you to integrate with 17 different platforms or tools.


A wider range of integration choices than some other providers

A useful social media dashboard lets you track your social activity in one place

Starter plans start at $25 per month

You will save 15% when you purchase a whole year of management upfront

14-day trial free of charge available


Basic plans are for one user only

There isn't a free alternative available.

Sendible was able to claim the top spot on our list regarding integration, since it allows you to connect with all of the top social media platforms and well-known tools like Canva, Google Analytics, and many more. It allows you to manage virtually all aspects that you use for your strategy on social media from one place, saving you time along the way.

Sendible provides four plans to companies of different size:

Creator: $25 per month

Traction: $76 per month

Scale: $170 per month

Expansion: $340 per month

However, you'll need to purchase a year of software access to secure these low prices, or you'll pay approximately 15% more for your plan on an annual basis.

All plans offered by Sendible include at least 10 queues for content publishing, tools for workflow as well as bulk scheduling, keyword tools as well as an inbox for the monitoring and engagement of. The more expensive plans include more queues and users, and also the ability to integrate a greater number of social profiles to serve management reasons.

The best part is that every social media management plans from Sendible offer a 14-day free trial. You can also cancel at anytime.



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Buffer was a top performer in our rankings because their plans start with just $5 per month. You can test any plan on Buffer for at no cost for 14 days and they offer a no-cost plan for one user that allows you access three social channels and make 10 posts scheduled for posting.


Plans begin at $5 a month

Free trial of 14 days available

Free plan available

Works for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest


Doesn't integrate with as many major platforms as rivals.

Free plan is limited to three social profiles.

Buffer is the ideal budget choice for small businesses with only a few employees who wish the ability to control their social media with out a expensive management plan. Buffer offers a no-cost plan that gives one user access to three social networks. If you pay an extra $5 per month an upgrade to a Team Pack upgrade will give you unlimited social channels as well as unlimited users.

You can use a 14-day trial to get started, and all plans allow you to schedule posts directly using the platform. The other major benefits of Buffer's plans include a scheduling tool as well as a tool to shorten links, and optimization tools for hashtags, tags, and mentions across different platforms. The plans include the browser extension that allows access to the mobile application that supports two-factor authentication, email and social media support, as well as membership to the Buffer community.

Best suited for small schoolsSocialPilot


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We think SocialPilot is best for small teams since the Small Team plan allows up to three users. By contrast, many competing software applications only allow one user on their cheaper plans.


Most cost-effective plan starts at $25.50 per month

Discount is available for those who purchase one year of use upfront

14-day free trial available

You must manage a minimum of 10 social media accounts with any plan


Must pay for a year at the beginning of the year to receive the best price.

Basic plans don't offer as many tools or features

SocialPilot is the most suitable option for companies that need access to social media software at a reasonable price for more than one person. Their Small Team plan lets up to three users have access for just $42.50 per month.

There are four plans in total are offered:

Small-Team: $42.50 per month (25 social media accounts and 3 users)

Studio: $85.00 per month (50 social media accounts; 5 users)

Agency: $127.50 per month (75 social media accounts; 10 users)

Be aware that in order to avail this discounted pricing, you have to buy a year's access at the beginning of the 14-day trial.

All plans offered by SocialPilot come with features like unlimited scheduling as well as bulk scheduling, the ability to access social media's analytics along with a browser extension as well as customer support. Higher-tier plans from SocialPilot permit you to manage an increased number of users, monitor many social accounts, handle more Facebook advertisements and have access to additional features such as client management tools.


What Is Social Media Management Software?

Software for managing social media is crucial for businesses that are looking for a well-designed social media marketing strategy. After all, social media is now used by more businesses than ever as a way to curate and communicate with customers, as well as sending out messages about their products and services.

However, these management tools can help companies save time and money. Where you would otherwise have to manage every social media platform on your own, social media management platforms allow you to design and schedule posts for multiple platforms all in one location.

There are also valuable engagement tools like idea generation, analytics, as well as integration to other programs that you employ. Social media management software may assist you in managing and responding to user feedback, collect user information for sales funnels, and even target specific audiences using online ads that can increase sales.


What is the most Successful social Media Platform?

Certain types of businesses might benefit from focusing on particular different social networks. A business offering an app for budgeting might be better on Meta because customers are able to click directly on advertisements such as this, however the travel or designer clothing line could do better with Instagram because it allows them to lure users in with visual appeal.

Many believe that Meta has an advantage over other businesses in part because of the amazing opportunities you have when it comes time to advertise to millions of potential customers in one location. Meta is also a great source of targeted advertising tools, including the ability to create an audience and control it based upon specific variables. But, the most effective social media platform can also depend on how businesses rely on and utilize advertisements.

In the final analysis, an online management system for social media like those that made our top list can be used to help you identify which platforms provide you with the most effective results. These software applications provide analytics and reports on engagementthat can aid you in determining the best places to invest your time, energy and money should be spent.


What are the expected Prices in the field of Social Media Management Software?

The software for social media management might be free, however, the free plans that some companies offer have limited tools , and are typically adequate for one person. If you're looking to add more options, and to integrate with more platforms or manage more accounts it is possible to pay between $5 and more than $600 per month. If you own a huge firm and need a number of accounts or multiple social media accounts from many brands, you may even need to pay more than that.


How to Choose the Best social Media Management Software

To create our ranking of social media platforms, we looked for social media management software programs that let users access the broadest selection of social media sites. We also looked for ways to integrate with other programs and tools, and we gave preference to companies that let users manage more accounts on social media on as many networks as they can.

The price was also a significant element in our rankings. While we have included many social media software program options that cost $100 or more per month We chose companies that provide a low-cost or free version along with a free trial.