How do you make use of hashtags on Instagram to increase engagement

Four ways to make use of hashtags on Instagram: in Instagram post, Instagram Stories, on IGTV and in Reels. I've put together hashtag suggestions for all one of the formats.

Instagram posts

  • Use up to 30 hashtags
  • Add up to 20 users to boost the chances of being prominent on other pages.
  • Include Instagram alt-text to the photos to improve your ranking in Google results
  • You can mark up to 5 products for each posting (for Instagram Business Account owners with Shopping enabled)

Tips: To beat Instagram's algorithm and gain greater reach, you should achieve as many likes and feedback as possible in the first hour after posting. One way to achieve this is by joining a niche pod, which is an Instagram group of like-minded users who are interested in sharing their content and offering mutual support. The members of the group like and comment on posts on Instagram immediately after they've been published to increase engagement, boost visibility, and draw new followers.

Be aware that there are a lot of pod groups that are focused on fake engagement, but are not really interested in the content and this type of unauthentic behavior is in violation of Instagram rules for community members. Find like-minded people and be authentic about the content you share.

Finding a niche is a high-impact , high-effort task that requires a lot of research. For a start, explore Facebook, Telegram, Instagram DM groups, as well as Reddit subgroups.

Instagram Stories

  • Use at least 10 hashtags
  • Include up to 10 accounts in one story.
  • Include a location, poll, question, countdown, quiz, donation sticker, or GIF
  • Tag 1 . Product (available for Business Accounts that have Shopping enabled)

Brands can make use of Instagram Stories to:

  • Educate
  • Inspire
  • Learn about the behind-the-scenes running of an event or business
  • Showcase the products or services you offer
  • Run polls
  • Organise Q&A sessions
  • Get feedback from customers

The people who run your company's success. You'll notice how many stories you share the more interest you'll get.


  • Use up to 30 hashtags
  • Include clickable links in the caption
  • Include a cover photo, and upload IGTV video content to your Instagram feed

The IGTV videos must be at minimum 1 minute long, and up to 15 minutes if the video is uploaded via a mobile device or tablet, and up to 60 minutes if uploaded via the internet.

Instagram Reels

  • Use up to 30 hashtags
  • Label up to 30 items or a collection of products
  • Upload your Instagram Reel video on your Instagram Feed

Then, in August of 2020 Instagram introduced a brand new feature called reels. A reel on Instagram is Instagram reel is a 15-30 or 60 seconds long video that includes music from Instagram's library, or from original music and AR (AR) features. If you've got an account that is public the reel could be noticed by a worldwide public.

If you share reels that feature specific songs, hashtags or other effects, the reel could be displayed on specific webpages when someone is clicked on the song, hashtag, or other effect. You can add hashtags after your reel is complete.

How do you find the most effective Instagram hashtags for your company

Many hashtags are utilized each day, and using the most popular hashtags won't make your content visible since your post will be lost among other posts. How do you choose Instagram hashtags?

To find the most effective hashtags for your business, concentrate on the most popular hashtags that relate to your business, account and your target audience. Be careful using pop culture references. This will help you connect with like-minded Instagrammers however you could be at risk of losing your brand's identity in the midst of hashtags that obscure your brand's presence.

How do you find hashtags?

  • Find Instagram accounts that are similar to yours
  • Pay attention to the hashtags are used for specific industries.
  • Find hashtags that are more likely to be used by Instagram communities related to your field.

Here's an example of how to create hashtags to your Instagram account.

Let's say that your name is John and you own an upscale barbershop located in Toronto and have begun building a community around your brand that is focused on embracing natural beauty and wearing gray hair. How do you reflect this in the profile of your Instagram account?

Here are five basic hashtags, along with examples of how to create these hashtags.

Branded hashtags


  • #[your brand's name#[your brand name
  • #TheBarberOfToronto

The hashtags you use for branding must be unique to your business or account. Create an Instagram hashtag that is easy for your followers to understand and remember. It could be your brand's name, logo, slogan or the main idea for the Instagram account.

Industry hashtags


  • #barbers
  • #barbershop
  • #haircut

Of the thousands of hashtags on Instagram the ones that are industry-related have the most competition. There are millions of users who use them every day So, only use hashtags for industries that are most relevant to your business.

Community hashtags


  • #barberfan
  • #torontogrooming
  • #hairaddict

Community hashtags are used to connect smaller groups of users who are similar to you. Utilizing these hashtags allows you to be found through your topic, area of expertise or location. There's a greater chance to build followers organically and build your own personal community.

Content hashtags


  • #beardgrooming
  • #howtofadehair
  • #trendinghaircut

Think as your customers and figure out what they might be searching for. Content hashtags allow you to connect with your audience who's searching for ideas, inspiration or even instructions. For instance, hashtags like #howto are often used on Instagram and could be an excellent starting point to your strategy for hashtags.

Campaign hashtags


  • #12DaysOfGrooming
  • #silvertoronto
  • #whatbarbersdo

Are you planning your next marketing campaign or event? or special promotion? Make a hashtag for your campaign and invite people to interact with it! You can also be part of an overall movement and include hashtags for events that are currently trending. This is a great method to engage with your followers and increase the chances of being discovered by both global and local audiences.

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