Are you looking to download Instagram videos?

Instagram has long gone away from being a photography-based network. The feed became a video-sharing platform with the help of IGTV and, more recently, Reels.

The platform does not yet allow you to download videos from mobile phones or computer, without an additional application to accomplish this function. You can download videos from websites online. We tested it on two occasions and it did work!

instagram video downloader

  1. Visit the video you'd like downloading on Instagram.

2 - 2. Tap on the three dots located in the upper left corner of the page , and then on "Copy Link".

Copy instagram's video link

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  1. Visit the site. Instagram video downloader

4 Copy the link into the appropriate bar.

5 - Press Enter on your keyboard.

6: On the video thumbnail 6, tap "Download".

"Download" to download the video "Download" to download the video to your the computer. Play it on your computer.

Select Download and download the movie onto your computer

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save insta

  1. Get the video you'd like to view.
  2. Three dots are located in the top right corner of the blog post, and then click "Copy Link".
  3. Go to the site. Save Instagram.

4 Paste the URL to the bar that is displayed.

Copy the link that the website requests in the bar. Reproduction"Reproduction"

Cut and copy the URL into the bar to direct you to the website

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5 - Click Enter when you're on the keyboard.

6- Tap on "Download Video".

Click "Download" to save the file. - Playback - Playback

Click "Download" to save the film


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