How to find trending hashtags on Instagram for 2022?

The first idea that comes to your mind is to search for trending hashtags in the Instagram mobile application. This is a great idea. Instagram offers a variety of ways to know what's popular. But that's not the only method. I'll also introduce you to various interesting tools and applications that are worth your time.

This video provides strategies for finding hot hashtags on Instagram in addition to what they're about:

01 Check the Instagram's Explore Page

Explore Page is powered via an algorithm. It's a collection of posts and reels created by your responses, followers, and accounts you are following. You can see here content that is related to your interests. Everyone is different.

It's a great place to search for hashtags but you'll have to manually. Check the post's descriptions. It's a long process.

The thing about Explore page Explore page is that getting there is a massive, enormous boost in expanding your reach to a greater public. It is possible to achieve this through understanding and responding in a way that is responsive to Instagram algorithm. There are several factors which determine whether your content is able to make it to the Explore page and one of them is the trending Instagram hashtags.

02 Make sure you check the hashtag autocomplete feature

Instagram is a search engine. We can use it to search for accounts, audio, places and, of course tags. Anyone can use it to search for hashtags that match their interests.

While you type in the search box, the engine lists hashtags with similar popularity. Furthermore, it shows those hashtags followed by accounts that you follow.

A crucial point to note is that this feature suggests highly popular hashtags, with million of post. However, using such a popular tag is not the best option. The chance that your content will not be seen by the masses is very high.

  1. Utilize the social listening tool.

Utilizing a tool for social listening is among the most efficient ways to find the most popular Instagram hashtags specifically for your company.

What exactly does this tool work?

In general, social listening tools (like Brand24) collects in real-time, real-time, mentions of keywords from the entire web.

It is possible to monitor any keywords. Here are a few examples of what you could monitor:

  • The name of your business brand, product or service
  • Your hashtags with your brand's logo
  • The hashtag you use for your campaign is specific to it.
  • The name of your CEO or any other team member with a prominent name
  • Keywords related to your business field
  • Keywords that may be hot in the coming months

Based on this data The tool determines what hashtags are the most used that are related to your company.

Brand24 updates the data once every hour. This is the major benefit of this program. You don't have to waste your time searching for hashtags in Instagram. Instagram feed. The tool will do all the work for you.

03 Follow appropriate hashtags

Of course, it is possible to follow Instagram users However, did you realize that you can also follow hashtags? You can select "Follow" and top posts that have hashtags will appear on the home page. They will probably have similar hashtags.

This is why it's an excellent way to discover relevant hashtags that are popular and well-known. Additionally, it's an excellent source of content ideas.

All you have to do is read the description of the posts and see if they use hashtags that might match your content. This is a lengthy process that requires a lot of your attention.

05 Follow the relevant influencers

Influencers make new trends for Instagram. It's true. Why don't you look up what hashtags they use? There's no problem in following their guidelines.

Instagram Stories also can contain hashtags. Don't forget to follow it too.

Those influencers should feel what type of content their target audience wants to consume. It's crucial to choose the appropriate ones.

Brand24 detects top and most active profiles on the internet, however this feature is applicable to Twitter and Facebook. In my opinion, this list could also be helpful to find Instagram influencers. But it will require searching for the people you want to follow on Instagram by hand.

06 Discover websites using hashtags lists

Numerous websites publish lists of trending hashtags on Instagram. Remember that these kinds of lists contain highly popular hashtags used by millions of people. As I mentioned before, it's not always a good idea to add these lists to Instagram posts. It's also difficult to determine if the lists are accurate and up-to-date.

07 Use mobile apps

App Stores are packed with mobile apps that create popular hashtags for social media platforms. Since we all use Instagram on our phones, it's natural to have numerous mobile apps that trigger trending hashtags.

I tested 3 hashtags generator mobile applications: InTags, Tagify, and Hashtag Generator. Here are my findings.

These mobile apps are built upon the same features. You can search hashtags by the category you are searching for or create them by typing keywords. Importantly, you can sort hashtags by number of applications. This feature was very useful. Most of the time, free versions of hashtag generator mobile applications contain advertisements that appear on the full screen.

They work pretty nicely in the case of the most well-known or popular hashtags. However, will they be able to recognize that certain hashtags are trending and gathering increasing interest from Instagram users?

But they don't.

Mobile apps track hashtags by popularity. That's all.

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