7 Instagram Stories with the Best Viewers

Whenever you view someone's Instagram story, they will be aware that you have viewed it.

There are a few ways to view the Instagram or IG story anonymously.

You can choose to use another account or even an on-line Instagram Story viewer on Inflact.

If you use a different account, the other person cannot tell who you are.

On the other hand An Instagram story viewer lets you to view Instagram stories without an account.

That way your Instagram username won't appear as a user.

This article contains the top 7 online Instagram story downloaders and viewers to view stories anonymously.



  1. Dumpor


Instagram story viewer


Dumpor can be described as an internet-based Instagram story viewer on which you can check IG stories and have the best experience.

You can browse profiles, reels followers, stories and posts tagged anonymously.

To do so it is necessary to look up an Instagram username as well as a location or tag.

Here are a few of Dumpor's features:


Download Content -You are able to download videos or images from Instagram by providing a link to it.

Browse anonymously View the stories and posts on Instagram, as well as and videos with no need to log in.

Find everything you'd like with hashtags, usernames, and even locations.

Analyze it. - Analyze Instagram profiles and their comments, likes, likes and followers.


Be aware that the site uses the Instagram API.

It's not officially endorsed or certified by Instagram.


  1. Picuki


Instagram editor and viewers


With Picuki, it is possible to edit or browse Instagram content without signing in.

It includes three major features, including editing Instagram photos, exploring the latest content, and browser without logging in.

You can modify Instagram photos by improving your or other content.

The "Trending" feature allows you to discover the most trending Instagram content all in one spot.

In addition, you can browse anonymously because you don't have to sign in.

To begin with it is necessary to search for an Instagram username or hashtag. You can also search for a the location.

After you've located the username you want to use, head over to the username you're looking for to see the stories of.

Finally, click on any of their latest stories to read them.

If you're reading a story, you are able to down load it using the click on the download icon.


  1. GreatFon




GreatFon is a different Instagram story viewer and downloader.

You can watch profiles, stories followers, profiles, and other tagged web pages in privacy.

You can also download videos, stories reels, photos and stories from Instagram.

Its main features are downloading content, browsing anonymously, searching, and the ability to analyze.

The website lets you download stories or posts from Instagram securely and anonymously.

You can also check out Instagram stories as well as posts, followers and reels even without an account.

If you're looking to locate the profile of someone or discover hashtags, use the search feature.

Finally, you can utilize GreatFon's statistics , or Instagram data to analyze profiles likes, comments, or followers.

Their algorithm allows you to analyze your or another person's Instagram account's statistics.


  1. Instagram.com


The web version of Instagram lets you read stories.

But, you have to be logged in before you can read stories.

To sign up visit Instagram.com and sign in with your Instagram account.

After you've signed into your account, go to the Instagram profile you wish to check out the posts of.

Choose the topic or story you would like to read to see it.

If you're logged out You'll be required to sign in.

Therefore, going to Instagram.com does not recommend if you want to access stories in a private manner.

If you prefer to read the stories without being identified, you may choose to use other websites that are mentioned in this article.


  1. StoriesDown


StoriesDown: Instagram story viewer and downloader


StoriesDown is the most effective Instagram downloader and viewer of stories.

You can watch Instagram stories without an account and quickly.

There's no need to log into your Instagram account, it's anonymous and you are able to download anything.

If you want to view the stories of someone else anonymously, simply enter your Instagram user name of that user.

You won't be able to tell anyone you're viewing their posts because you're using Instagram without an account.

Finally you can save Instagram videos and photos in high-resolution.

Be aware the fact that StoriesDown is not affiliated with Instagram.

They don't host stories on their servers and all rights belong to the respective owners.


  1. Stories IG


Download Instagram Stories


Stories IG lets you view as well as download Instagram stories in privacy using their IG storytelling viewer.

The site is minimalistic in layout and a search bar.

You don't need to install anything and the website supports highlights as well.

The ability to download Instagram Stories and Highlights by looking for the person's Instagram username.

After you've located the username for the individual and their story will begin loading.

In a short time you'll get to read every story they've published in recent times.

Remember that it can take as long as 1 minute for the content to show up.

To download a story, just click the "Download".


  1. InstaSave


Anonymous Instagram Viewer


InstaSave offers an invisibly Instagram viewer for viewing highlights and stories.

If you're looking to read reports or highlights, without the person being aware, this site is for you.

With their anonymized Instagram viewer it is possible to view highlights and stories of any account that is publicly accessible.

Simply type in your Instagram user's username for the user and click on "Submit".

Here are the features of InstaSave:


View Story Anonymously - Watch the stories of any online profile without the individual knowing.

Download Stories – Download images and videos to watch them later.

No registration is required. There is no need to register an account to utilize the tool.

Fully Secure - The site is protected by an active SSL certificate.

User-Friendly - The site is responsive across all devices.

Free to Use You don't have to pay to use the tool , or to sign in to your Instagram account.


Videos and photos that you download on the website will be available in JPG and MP4 respectively.

The content on the site is downloaded from Instagram.



Having an alternate account allows you to see Instagram stories without divulging your identity.

However online Instagram users are more popular because you don't need an account.

Through websites such as Dumpor, Picuki, and GreatFon you can read Instagram stories in complete privacy.

All you have to do is type in the person's Instagram username, and you'll be you can view their latest stories.

Make sure you are only able to view stories that were posted within the last 24 hours.

On the other hand, you'll be able to view highlights no matter when they're published.

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