4 Ways To Get More Views on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a key strategy to build connections and community. They also help build brand trust.

They are full of engaging features that encourage engagement. offer a fast way to DMs and are extremely personable.

It's simple to win isn't it? But, not so quickly.

Stories are also extremely well-known, which makes it more difficult to cut through the noise and draw more attention to your content. More on Inflact.

There is a way to get around the system. Here are four ways to increase your Instagram Stories views:

How can you get more stories Views Tactic #1: Attach an the engagement-driving sticker on your first story

One of the fastest ways to boost your stories' views is by adding an engaging sticker (such as an emoji slider, poll or a quiz) to the first post you make.

This will boost engagement on your stories starting from the beginning, which is a crucial indicator of the Instagram algorithm.

Instagram can boost your stories' visibility by increasing the number of clicks and engagements.

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How to Get More Stories Views. Tactic #2: Add an additional story at the end of the Day

This tried-and-tested tip comes straight from Later's Social Content Manager, Lindsay Ashcraft.

"Adding an exciting story to the hour 22-23 before the remaining stories expires gives them all an additional boost in viewership."

Although we're not sure how it works, we can be sure that it works.

The social team of Later has also tried taking a short hiatus to determine if it had any impact on views of stories.

The end result? Not really.

"We didn't see anything out of the ordinary for us," shares Lindsay. Lindsay adds, "Lots and lots of people are recommending it, but I haven't been consistent in achieving outcomes."

How to Get More Stories Views? Strategy #3 Share Exclusive Content on Stories

It's an old-fashioned strategy for marketing however, posting exclusive content is an effective way to expand your audience -- particularly if you're sharing relevant or intriguing to your community.

For brands, this could be a special 24-hour discount code. For bloggers or creators It might be a personal tale or instructional video, or even a point of view that you've never previously shared before.

The short-lived nature of stories is great for creating a buzz, especially when they are paired with a caption for your feed that invites readers to go into your feeds to learn more.

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How to get more stories views tactic #4: Make use of Instagram's Close Friends feature

This hack is a great way to increase Instagram Stories views.


You might have noticed that when someone adds you to their Close Friends list, you'll see their stories at the front of your feed. It's the bright green border.

This is because Instagram favors content that comes from "close relationships."

Admittedly, adding your thousands of followers to an Close Friends list isn't a effective strategy, however, it's great for ensuring that important information and updates get to the most important people of your network.

For companies, this could be a list of brand ambassadors, influencers and frequent customers.

For influencers and creators, this could be the most engaged community members and the industry's colleagues.

Bonus tip You should plan your Instagram Stories ahead of time to ensure that you're telling an engaging visual story and taking advantage of every opportunity for engagement.


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It's the best way to enhance your Instagram Stories strategy!

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