How to Interact with Instagram and Explore Instagram Stories

Stories is an Instagram feature that Instagram users enjoy making use of. Stories appear in the upper part of your feed. They are represented with an extended, multicolored circle that is centered around the profile picture of the creator. Click the Inflact profile picture to read the whole story.

What are the most popular stories you can follow on Instagram?

At first you'll find new stories that are tailored to your preferences. Scroll down to see the stories that were published by your followers over the last 24 hours. This story will be removed within 24 hours.

You can view Instagram stories by clicking on the profile image near the top of your feed, or in your newsfeed.

You can search the story of someone else and see what you are in the exact same situation. This feature isn't blocked currently. Pay attention to what your ex-partner is telling you. They're conscious!

Click on the Seen By link to the lower left corner of your screen. You can learn who was the very first person to have read the story.

You can also browse Instagram stories by clicking the left-hand corner of your profile page. A multicolored circle will appear in the active story in your profile picture.

To read about the experiences of others, you don't have to follow them. You can read their stories even if they are not private. When you tap their profile picture, the story will display in full-screen mode. After the stories are completed and the story is finished, you will be taken back to their profile page.

Click on the profile photo to open Instagram stories.

By navigating to your Homefeed's stories you can see a series of posts by those you follow. Instagram will always guide users to content that's not included in their stories.

Instagram will play the third story even if you've only seen two or five stories from the same individual. The white dots on top of each post indicate the number of stories they watched throughout the day.

Instagram Stories will continue follow the story of every person before they move on to the next account. To quit Instagram Stories, you can swipe down (Android) or use the X (iPhone). There are also ads with stories of other people you follow.

To end a story on iPhone you must press the X in the upper left corner of the story. On Android, swipe down.

How do you engage with Instagram stories?

It is possible to interact with Instagram stories, not only to view them but also to respond to them. You can pause any stories you don't like , or revisit them. Or you can pause the story to respond.

Sending Instagram stories you don't wish to post or

There are a lot of Instagram stories to read, and there's a story you're not going to wish to read. It's easy to scroll through stories or even complete stories from one person.

Use the left side to go through the single story within the complete sequence of an entire story. If this is the final or the only one then you'll skip ahead to the next one. If this is the case that you're in, you'll be taken to a different tale.

To read the complete story of a person to see the entire story, click on the left side of the screen. To skip over the whole story, swipe left on the left of the screen.

You can go to the profile of a person directly and read their story or browse through the circles at the top to find the person whose story is interesting to you. Click on the circle to read the entire story of the user.

To go back to the Home screen to return to the Home screen, swipe left. Tap the X located in the upper left corner.

Return to Instagram stories you'd like to view time and time again

You can return to view a story however it's not the same as forwarding. If you've seen a few stories from another person and would like to watch them all over again, you'll need to tap the left-hand side of the screen until the story you want to view appears.

To return to another person's story, move left on the left until you are at the person's story.

Like forwarding, it's easier to search for profiles, and then scroll around the circles at your top to find them.

To return to the Home screen, swipe left. Tap the X located in the lower left corner.

Instagram Story The End

Instagram Stories are extremely quick. Sometimes users add lots of text or speak fast to gather lots of information. Stop a story so that you can take in the story in full. Press and hold on any part on your screen to stop the story. The story will stay frozen until you let it go.